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Robert Djed Snead- Owner/Publisher

MoonWater Theater presents....                                          



This stage play is set in Rochester, N.Y. in December, 1987 at the fictitious coffee shop "Roasted Right." Owner Ralph Sage (a black Republican) and Open Mic host Thomas "Uncle Tom" Bailey (a white liberal) are best of friends for over 25 years...and constantly debate politics..and almost everything else!

Tonight is the finals of the annual "Performer of the Year" contest and five local singers will compete against other to win the 1987 trophy and bragging rights!

The twist is the singers ARE really competing against one another! All of the singers will be performing original songs written by Djed that they have arranged with maestro Erin Thompson (Atlas Beats). The singers chose which song(s) they want to sing each night.. AND a panel of local judges (who will change each night of the play) ARE really judging them...and deciding which of the performers will go to the final round!


American Idol/The Four/The Voice meets theater!


With veteran actors Susan Walsh, Doug Curry and Emmett Michie and the talented Almeta Whitis, Domonique Smith, Reuben J. Tapp, LaRon Spratt and Rain Christi providing exquisite vocals you will be entertained...and perhaps learn some history you weren't aware of..


For realistic ambience the play will be staged at the historic "1872 Cafe" ( On November 5, 1872 Susan B. Anthony and 14 other women voted in the 8th Ward polling place (a general store) near the site of the cafe!   


Tickets can be purchased at 1872 Cafe (431 West Main Street, Rochester, N.Y. -CASH ONLY), Mood Makers Books, (Village Gate Plaza, Rochester, N.Y.) or by contacting Djed at (585) 748-7727. Group rates apply to groups of 5 or more.


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