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"In Honor of My Fathers"

Talks, Essays and Thoughts (1972-2019) 

This book is dedicated to…


                                           Joseph Alfred Snead, Jr.

..who gave me life, structure and love..

I owe not only my life but also many of my personal likes, prejudices, mannerisms (and more) to Joseph Alfred Snead, Jr. (9/9/1930-5/22/2002). Daddy was a devout Baptist Deacon, barber and Mason, who (with only a 4th grade education) eloquently debated theological and social issues with his contemporaries, and held his own…

                                              Min. Lawrence Lee Evans

..who encouraged me with wisdom..

I met and became a student of Min. Lawrence Lee Evans (11/2/1945-9/9/2018) after returning to Rochester, N.Y. in 1984. A dedicated Black Nationalist and grassroots organizer, Min. Evans encouraged my literary development by giving me a platform to be published in (The Black Koptic Press) and a podium to hone my public speaking skills at First Community Interfaith Institute, Inc.

                                                   James Mamba McCuller

..who modeled for me audacity and vision..

James “Mamba” McCuller (2/27/1940-4/7/1992), Executive Director of the Rochester-based community organization, Action for a Better Community, Inc (1967-1992) was a brilliant and captivating lecturer, organizer and leader. Through his founding and support of O.M.A.D (the Organization for Men of Afrikan Descent) we members attended several Black Men’s Think Tanks in Cincinnati, Ohio and were encouraged to be caretakers of our community. 

Dr. David Anderson/Sankofa 

                                     ..who gave me a story to tell..

Dr. David Anderson/Sankofa (as a founder of the Blackstorytelling League of Rochester, N.Y. and Akwaaba: the Heritage Associates) has used the mediums of storytelling and historical re-enactments to tell the African American’s rich history with fidelity. Because of these two organizations thousands of students and adults now know African Americans are a people of faith taking our freedom…and I found soul mates in Shields Green and Bishop. Jermain Wesley Loguen.

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As a former historical reenactor, storyteller, lecturer and workshop presenter I truly enjoyed sharing information with audiences of adults and students over the years.

I have learned when one door closes others open...

I now dedicate my energies (and love of the written word) in writing and sharing my experiences through my published books..

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