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Robert Djed Snead as Rev. Jermain Wesley Loguen on Youtube...

Bishop Jermain Wesley Loguen 1813-1872


Bishop Jermain Wesley Loguen of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was a warrior for right. Born a slave in Manscoe's Creek, Tennessee Loguen escaped slavery in 1834, lived in Canada for three years, and then returned to the U.S., living in Rochester, NY. After attending the Oneida Institute in Whitesboro, NY Loguen moved to Syracuse, NY and became a pastor and a teacher. He understood that education and a relationship with your Creator were essential for good citizenship.

Rev. Loguen's home at the corner of E. Genesee and Pine Streets in Syracuse, NY was probably the most openly run depot on the Underground Railroad in the country. Rev. Loguen published his card in Syracuse newspapers, advertising his residence as a refuge for escaping enslaved people. Along with his wife Caroline (nee Storum) it is estimated that they helped 1,500 "passengers" during the operation of their depot.

I consider it an honor and a blessing to have been made aware of Rev. Loguen's life and contributions and humbly attempt to pay homage to his legacy whenever I am called upon to present a historical re-enactment of him.




                                                                                                                                  Robert Djed Snead as Rev J.W. Loguen


(Look forward to my next publication in honor of Bishop Loguen in 2020, "Resurrecting Bishop J.W. Loguen")